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An Old Hollywood Community(1920's-1960's)
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This community focuses on American films from the 1920's to the 1960's. This is a place to discuss the movies, actors, directors, fashions, trends, and issues pertaining to those decades. Feel free to ask questions about the era, post movie reviews, post your opinions about relevant topics, and news about upcoming DVD releases.

Feel free to introduce yourself to the community. If you need help with how to introduce yourself use the following questions as a guide:

1.What are your favorite movies? Actors? Directors? Genres? Decades?
2.What is it that interests you about Old Hollywood the most?
3.Can you recommend a movie from the era?

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1920's, 1930's, 1940's, 1950's, 1960's, a streetcar named desire, academy awards, alfred hitcock, all about eve, anne bancroft, anthony quinn, audrey hepburn, ava gardner, bela lugosi, bette davis, billy wilder, bing crosby, black and white movies, bob hope, boris karloff, burt lancaster, buster keaton, carey grant, casablanca, cecil b. demille, charles chaplin, citizen kane, city lights, clark gable, classic movies., comedies, desi arnaz, disney movies, dr. strangelove, drama, east of eden, elizabeth taylor, errol flynn, face in the crowd, film noir, frank capra, frank sinatra, frankenstein, gene kelly, gene tierney, gloria swanson, gone with the wind, grace kelly, grapes of wrath, gregory peck, greta garbo, grouch marx, henry fonda, hollywood, humprey bogart, ingrid bergman, it happened one night, it's a wonderful life, jack lemmon, james cagney, james dean, jimmy stewart, john ford, john huston, john wayne, judy garland, katherine hepburn, king kong, lawrence of arabia, louise brooks, lucille ball, mae west, marlon brando, marylin monroe, monsieur verdoux, movies, musicals, north by northwest, old hollywood, on the waterfront, orson welles, paul newman, rebel without a cause, ricardo montalban, rita hayward, rudolph valentino, sabrina, seven year itch, shirley maclaine, silent movies, singin' in the rain, some like it hot, spencer tracy, stagecoach, steve mcqueen, sunset boulevard, the apartment, the gold rush, the great dictator, the great escape, the longest day, the magnificent seven, the maltese falcon, the quiet man, the third man, the wizard of oz, to kill a mockingbird, vertigo, vincent price, vivien leigh, walt disney, walter matthau, war movies, west side story, westerns, william holden

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